Thursday, August 15, 2013
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Karolyn Hart named CMSO/COO of InspireHUB Inc.

Windsor ON and Dallas TX, August 15, 2013 – Karolyn Hart was named Chief Marketing and Sales Offer and Chief Operating Officer of InspireHUB Inc. and will oversee InspireHUB’s growth efforts via marketing, communications, sales, licensing and operations. She will also act as technical lead overseeing the development and direction of InspireHUB’s products and solution consulting business.  She was recruited by the founders of InspireHUB in May 2013 to provide strategic consulting for the pre-launch and launch phases of the company.

Karolyn had the lead in developing the InspireHUB brand, creating operations processes, and establishing InspireHUB Canada (a wholly owned subsidiary of InspireHUB Inc.)

“Karolyn’s passion for fighting on behalf of Worthy Causes and doing whatever it takes to equip them in their work was one of the deciding reasons for our decision to recruit her,” explains Donald Clark, Managing Director & CEO of InspireHUB Inc. “Karolyn sees Worthy Causes as world changers who have the ability to fully deliver on their charitable intents if given the right tools and training. We are in agreement and are looking forward to her continued leadership.”

Karolyn was previously the Vice President Marketing, Operations and Community Development for the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation.

About InspireHUB Inc. - InspireHUB provides affordable solutions (which includes mobile and tablet technologies, fundraising management, best-practices training and solutions consulting) for Worthy Causes (Non-Profits and Charities) that maximizes their performance by helping them to recruit volunteers, increase member engagement and fund campaigns ranging from $10,000 to $100 million. InspireHUB can be found on the web at .                                                                          


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