Joel Mongeau
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Customer Support Specialist & Release Coordinator
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The Friendly Tech

Joel Mongeau is an experienced IT Professional and Customer Experience Specialist & Release Coordinator at InspireHUB. 

Joel has spent close to a decade working in various customer service and technical support roles in a variety of industries including technology, automotive, and education.  With bilingual fluency in both French and English, Joel is proud of his native French heritage with family roots in both Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada. Joel knows the power of being able to bridge two worlds together to create something incredible.

Keeping with the theme of his life, Joel also holds a dual role at InspireHUB as Customer Support Specialist and Release Coordinator.  As Customer Support Specialist, Joel is the friendly and welcoming voice that guides InspireHUB clients through any question they may have.  As the Release Coordinator, Joel is responsible for working across the entire team of InspireHUB to ensure the latest and greatest product developments make it to the customers he is serving.  

In addition to his technical interests, Joel is an avid author of both creative writing and grand slam poetry.