"The IHUBApp is a Game Changer!"
 - Mayor Gary McNamara, President Association of Municipalities of Ontario

Engaging your residents effectively is a requirement for you to set the direction of your community. The IHUBApp is a sophisticated enterprise grade tool that allows your organization to instantly create an app. You don't need to be a developer or a technologist to launch your app. We built the engine that will impress your IT team but allows you to put those responsible for engagement in the driver's seat immediately!


The Town of Tecumseh Story

In August 2016, the Town of Tecumseh made headlines as the first community to adopt a Progressive Web App in North America. The Town of Tecumseh was seeking to better engage residents both in terms of frequency and personal relevance.  Traditional methods of communicating with residents including a newsletter and updates on the town website were not providing the level of engagement they desired.

They wished for residents, elected officials, and town administration to identify what was personally relevant to them and to be able to engage with the community in those interest areas.