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The IHUBApp is an all-in-one communications collaboration tool powered by the latest in Progressive Web App technology to give your organization a centralized hub for all of your many audiences. The IHUBApp makes it simple for teams, groups, or communities to easily join and follow channels of topics that are of interest to them and are enabled to meet your unique engagement needs

What can you do with the IHUBApp? You can promote your organization, review documents, sell tickets, live stream video, recruit volunteers, provide instant notifications, do product training, on board new hires, collect donations, and much more! And because it's based on Progressive Web App technology, there's nothing to download from an app store, and you can access your content even when you're offline.



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You create the content and the IHUBApp takes care of notifying your users based on their interests!


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to Use

Built-in tools allow you to easily create in-app polls, volunteer requests, giving, events,
ticketing & more!


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In App

Sell tickets, raise funds, promote sales. We take the confusion out of the process!

How does it work?
The IHUBApp uses unlimited channels to organize your engagement needs. Public channels are open for anyone to join. Private channels provide the option to promote and invite requests to join from the public, or alternatively, the channel may be hidden (only appearing in the IHUBApp when a member is added). The IHUBApp also comes with a host of standard built-in engagement tools available for organizations to use at their convenience. This includes event promotion and ticket sales, volunteer engagement, surveys and polls, an instant message center, and corporate giving to name a few.

How is the IHUBApp being used?

  • ihubappfamilyofphones.pngAll Staff Communications: Discover how the IHUBApp is revolutionizing email.
  • General Business: Private channels for employee portal. Public channels for brand promotion and audience engagement.
  • Wineries: Public channels to promote products (reds, whites, roses) as well as events, media and restaurant specials.
  • Municipalities: Public channels to promote community festivals and City Council Meetings.
  • Manufacturers: Private channels used to create a supplier and vendor portal.
  • Nonprofits & Charities: Public channels for promoting various programs, fundraising, ticket sales and private channels for staff and volunteer management.



Engage your audience today!
InspireHUB Technologies is the creator of the IHUBApp that offers instant custom-branded, enterprise-grade progressive web apps that provide a suite of built-in tools to increase engagement for all audiences.

InspireHUB Technologies is the creator of the IHUBApp. The IHUBApp leverages the latest in Progressive Web App Technology and delivers an exceptional engagement experience (powered by UNLIMITED content channels) for a fraction of the cost of native apps.

InspireHUB Inc. was established in 2013 to begin exploring new ways to create engagement in consultation, services and technology.  Through 2014 and 2015, InspireHUB enjoyed a number of successful betas with charities and churches. The highlight of 2015 was our technology being selected by Special Olympics International for use in their Unified Relay Across America event.

In 2016, InspireHUB Technologies was born to continue the focus on bringing to marketing solutions that would leverage Progressive Web App technology for its clients.   That same year InspireHUB Technologies made history in August by launching the first Progressive Web App to be used by a municipality in North America.

The IHUBApp is an enterprise-grade scalable platform that is currently available in the US, Canada and Australia. 

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BEA Innovation Award 2018
Formstack Certified Partner