Manufacturers go paperless with the IHUBApp.

COVID-19 disrupted the world and has forced manufacturers to reconsider many things, including how they communicate. Digital transformation will now be the difference between manufacturers who continue to operate in the future and those who cease to exist.

The ability to harvest the knowledge within your business starts with streamlining communications between all your different teams. Including office staff, line workers, suppliers, vendors, distributors and clients is the first step.


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The award-winning IHUBApp™ Digital Experience Platform
streamlines your manufacturing communications, 
ensuring that critical messages are never missed.

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Harvest the deep knowledge of your people.

Are you properly harvesting the deep knowledge of your manufacturing processes from your people? Do your engineers and operations people communicate well? Do your customers’ ideas and thoughts and concerns reach everyone?

What would happen if, every day, you were able to harvest knowledge, improve communications, and ensure the right people received the information they needed?


How would
quality costs improve?


How would
reliability improve?


How much faster would
root cause analysis be?

We have manufacturing in our DNA.


If everyone is included in your communication plan and could offer easy feedback and ideas without MEETINGS...would that add value to your business?
Would it increase your profits? Using our Intelligent Channel Feeds, the IHUBApp Digital Experience Platform helps
streamline the communications and connect all your people in the areas that are of concern to you, such as:






Product Launches

HR News

Schedule Updates

In today’s world, getting information to the floor,
and back from the floor is power.
It’s profit.

That’s what we do.

Go paperless with IHUBApp + Formstack 

Many manufacturing companies use visual management tools to help run their business:

  • Bulletin Boards
  • Score Boards
  • Flip Charts

Yet, these solutions pose challenges.  Manufacturing leaders can't check if someone has read a bulletin board or if they have read the hand-washing notice on the bathroom door. In a COVID-19 world, this is critical!

The IHUBApp is the game-changer you are seeking:

  • See exactly who has read your notices and for how long.
  • Ensure that your employees are properly notified of important communications.
  • Provide easy ways for employees to provide feedback to leadership.

Communicate all these (and more) through the IHUBApp!
Company news, schedules, delivery/shipping schedules, quality issues, tool shortages, part shortages, employee tasks, rework reports, overtime lists, vacation lists, safety notices, regulatory posts, social events, company events, calendars, employee handbooks, HR announcements, education, product launch issues, project management lists, goals, dashboards, policies and more!

What forms can you move to digital with IHUBApp and Formstack?
Quality audits • Defect reports • Deviation forms • Vacation requests • Job postings • OT approval • Expense Reports • Spending approvals • Benefit forms • Purchase orders • Work orders • Time cards • Faxed Sales orders • Capital Expenses • Delivery reports  • ISO/TS/QS paperwork • Hiring requests • Staff Reviews • Pay stubs • and many, many more!

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Disruption is driving digital transformation in manufacturing.

Even prior to COVID-19, manufacturers were facing increasing competition and pressure to reduce costs while improving their customer experience and seeking new ways to increase profitability. Manufacturing leaders who develop digital capabilities are gaining the edge in this hyper-competitive market.

InspireHUB - Client Testimonial Images (1)Tony Fonk,  SpotSee Manufacturing
"What was really attractive here and what we loved was the flexibility to share content, information, current events, new product launches, or changes in a way that provided an
intranet community feel. We like it. Our distributors like it. Seeing everyone starting to collaborate and share their stories and their information, that's my view of success, and that's our view of success."



Synchronize Communications
Synchronizing communications between sales, production, and engineering teams is one of the key best practices to streamlining manufacturing processes.  


Trend Spotting
Teams need to spot trends and buying patterns, understand what is selling quickly versus slowly, and be able to share in a collaborative discussion no matter the time zone.


Real-Time Notifications
In a make-to-order environment, receiving notifications on the topics, projects, teams, or production areas can be a game-changer.

“Because of COVID-19, manufacturing will experience five years of innovation in the next 18 months”.

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky in Forbes

IHUBApp Digital Solutions for Manufacturing



Internal Communications
  • Office Staff
  • Non-Desk Employees

Mobile communication has undoubtedly been a game-changer and is now an essential tool. Streamlining your internal communications is vital to keeping your team competitive. This can be difficult when employees are distributed across a single location and becomes even more complex when there are multiple locations in motion. 

It's even more complicated when there are staff working in the office with access to email and non-desk employees on the floor who do not. The IHUBApp was designed specifically to help those working in remote locations connect and engage. 


Employee Communications 
Membership Channels let employees subscribe to topics that pertain to them while Private Team Channels allow employees to create posts where they can engage. Publishing tools allow the leadership team to syndicate a single message into every channel instantly when necessary. 


Plant Floor Communications
Communicating directly with your front line workers is easy with the IHUBApp. Instead of relying on verbal direction, which can slow the manufacturing process, messages can be published directly from the IHUBApp to digital signage providing seamless orders while tasks continue to be completed.


Website + App
A website can be far more than just a "digital holding place" for your manufacturing business. It can be the gateway for your organization and the flywheel that helps you bring your manufacturing business to the next level.


Vendor/Supplier/Distributor Portals
It's absolutely critical for you to build relationships with the people who are helping to build your business. Making it easy for them to ask questions, receive updates, and engage with your sales team can be the difference between them recommending your products over the competition.


External Communications
  • Customers
  • Vendors/Suppliers
  • Partners

The Coronavirus widened the corporate digital divide as organizations were forced to rapidly adapt their operations. The stakes for digital transformation have increased dramatically for manufacturers who were already operating in a hyper-competitive market prior to COVID-19. Manufacturers who fail to deliver digital solutions will cease to exist as the  world moves forward.


IHUBApp Features that Work for Manufacturers


Stunning digital experiences that work.

Many manufacturing leaders have cultivated great success building and scaling business by optimizing and innovating on the factory floor. When it comes to "front of house" solutions, like sales and marketing, growth has traditionally happened through tried and true exercises such as: nurturing existing customers, participating in annual trade shows, attending association meetings and good old-fashioned word of mouth referrals. 

In the new digital reality, those actions are no longer enough. Your website and online digital presence are delivering a message to customers about your commitment to innovation, your optimization levels, and even your level of excellence.  

The IHUBApp provides you with leading-edge, innovative technology, while our digital team will help guide your team toward embracing digital best practices in marketing and sales to help drive your growth.

See the full list of features available with the IHUBApp →




Productive discussions that get things done.

Conversations in manufacturing environments are about getting things done and achieving your goals. Continuous streams of information in digital chats that create a wall of words that have to be sorted through create huge barriers to your staff's efficiency.

Our channel feeds and posts provide an easy way for staff to be notified when something new is shared, making it easy to join in on that
conversation. Once the mission is accomplished, that post can stick around for others to review in the future. 

See the full list of features available with the IHUBApp →


Get notified with urgent and critical communications.

The IHUBApp's notification management systems allow issues that require urgent communication with different staff members or suppliers to be dealt with rapidly. Channel feeds can be configured to determine what level of notification is engaged when a post is submitted. Channel members can set their notification preferences to ensure they are notified about the matters that are pertinent to their roles.

SMS Text Notifications - are best enabled for emergency notifications, or urgent matters that your team has determined are mission-critical.
*Bulk pricing available for this feature.

Push and Desktop Notifications - can be enabled on all channels to let the person know when something new has been posted.

Email Notifications - can be enabled for key actions and updates happening in the IHUBApp.

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Take back your workday with the IHUBApp + Formstack.

As a Certified Formstack Provider, we can power up your IHUBApp digital experience by automating time-consuming tasks with powerful workflows and forms to help you fully optimize. 

Gather data, populate documents, collect eSignatures, field bottlenecks, place orders, and automate absolutely everything!  

See the full list of features available with the IHUBApp →

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