As a freelancer, it's essential to have the right tools to give your business an edge. Having the right tools can make all the difference in a highly competitive market like web design, app, and software development. With the right tools, you can work smarter and faster to deliver quality results. 

Read how freelancer Janet Dore found the right tool for her business and is using it to reshape the way she lives.

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Founder Scribaceous Inc. | Hubmaster  

Janet Doré knew she wanted to live a truly inspiring life; which is why she took a giant leap of  faith and moved to Panama to open a reading retreat. From her beautiful jungle location, she runs Scribaceous Inc. and prides herself on providing customers with excellent digital and marketing services. 

There was only one challenge. She found herself spending less and less time enjoying the jungle and the beach as the demand for her services grew. 

Janet then found the IHUBApp platform and it just immediately clicked.

The iHUBapp is award-winning, patent-pending, and game-changing because of its ease of use and simple results. Freelancers can build a demo site quickly and reach out to clients faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than ever before. With the award-winning IHUBApp® Digital Experience Platform you can rapidly build websites, apps, portals, intranets, extranets, community networks, hubs, and more!

 In Janet's own words:

Here’s why I am a huge fan of the IHUBApp Platform: 



For clients: Combining a website, event registration and email marketing into one platform enables me to empower my clients. (Both Wordpress and the email marketing  platforms are becoming more and more complex and my clients don’t like feeling  overwhelmed/frustrated or relying on a tech person to do basic business tasks.)

For me: "I can launch an IHUBApp in a fraction of the time that it takes me to do a Wordpress site and don’t have to rely on my tech assistant, both of which significantly increase my hourly income." 



The Hub and the potential to build a community are a huge bonus for some of my clients. 



The monthly license fee model and the elimination of the maintenance/security tasks required on other platforms I've used enables me to offer more, while working less and increasing my income. 



I’m seeing more and more people realizing they don’t need to take on the cost, complexity, and frustration of a Wordpress website and I began to agree with them last year. Until now, I didn’t have a viable or marketable alternative but InspireHUB changed all that.


The opportunity to be a part of an InspireHUB Community. To engage with other Hubmasters and really feel connected.

Janet Dore found more time and peace of mind in knowing her customers are better positioned  competitively. Janet refers to it as her "Beach ROI", the ability to spend more time on the beach and actually enjoy it! Learn more about Janet's business here: design/ 


Your life, with more free time. 

This freelancer's success story is just one example of how finding the right tools can help you scale your business and make sure you stay competitive. If you're a freelancer looking to save time, make more money, and better serve clients, or have been working in the web design space and finding “easy to use" tools complicated and time consuming, then the IHUBApp is the platform you've been waiting for! Our next-gen app creator requires no code, automatically launches a parallel web experience, and will change how you build!

Start building for free today, or book a call to find out how InspireHUB can help you scale your business. Book a call with InspireHUB.

 Happy freelancing! 





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The InspireHUB IHUBApp Digital Experience Platform is a next-gen content management system that allows you to host and build digital experiences that remove the walls that once existed between websites, apps, portals, and intranets. Discover the power of the PWA-enabled IHUBApp to increase your engagement today.

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